top 5 mentoring opportunities

It is imperative to have wisdom on the entrepreneurial journey from those that have come before us.  Below are some amazing mentoring organizations that we know have been helpful to entrepreneurs. Whether you’re looking for a mentor for yourself, or you’d like to be one for others, these resources will help you find the top mentoring opportunities for Faith Driven Entrepreneurs.

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#1 Accelerator Programs from Praxis, Ocean and More

If you are growing your business and you want to be part of a formal program to accelerate that growth or go deep in how to integrate your faith and work, thats one of the best places to connect with a mentorship opportunity. Be sure to check out the Top 20 List we put together.

#2 Peer Advisory Programs for CEO’s and Entrepreneurs

There is something very powerful about getting together in community and encouraging each other in the pursuit of faith, family and vocation. There is also something remarkably special about being able to share your entrepreneurial journey and all that it entails (How do I hire? Where should I get funding? How do I balance this crazy season I'm in with family responsibilities, etc.) with others that are, or have gone through similar things. 

If you’re looking for a Peer Program, check out the Top 10 List of Advisory Groups we recently put together.


#3 EDGE Mentoring

EDGE is a national faith-based mentoring organization that combines personal, professional and spiritual development into one experience. They serve young professionals seeking growth and community and established leaders who want to give back by investing in the next generation.


#4 Leadership Edge

Leadership Edge (LEI) provides excellent leadership training through authentic mentoring of next generation leaders (Ages 18-30) to equip them for a lifestyle of God-honoring influence. 


#5 Radical Mentoring

Radical Mentoring is an intentional small group mentoring process to help you engage your men, build your core group of leaders, and transform your church.


Other Resources We Recommend

Voca Center

VOCA was found with dream of equipping thousands to find God's purpose and power in their daily work with faith-based training, coaching and the right connections. Started as an initiative of the New York City Leadership Center in 2014, VOCA now operates as an independent nonprofit with its own Board of Directors. From our offices in Midtown Manhattan, we serve a variety of clients and beneficiaries across the globe.