top 20 capacity builders

If you are growing your business and you want to be part of a formal program to accelerate that growth or go deep in how to integrate your faith and work, below are some good friends of ours that would love to help.

praxis Labs

Praxis is a creative engine for redemptive entrepreneurship, supporting founders, funders, and innovators motivated by their faith to renew culture and love their neighbors. Their community of practice operates through high-touch programs, robust content, and a global portfolio of redemptive business & nonprofit ventures. 


ocean programs

Ocean is an independent business accelerator that is uniquely faith backed, focused on building into the founder. Their mission is to increase God’s presence in the marketplace by building into entrepreneurs. Ocean accelerates entrepreneurs with knowledge, relationships, coaching and seed funding. Ocean is enhanced with a concurrent spiritual journey uniquely designed to develop the founder holistically setting them up for success in their personal life as well as their business.


The lion’s den

Investors have a hard time finding and investing in high-quality companies that share the same values they do—especially Christian values. That’s why Lion’s Den connects companies with investors through a Christian business pitch competition where business leaders can use their wealth and experience to change the world and make an impact. 



JoyCorps equips and empowers indigenous entrepreneurs operating in marginalized communities, helping them to build innovative, sustainable businesses and cultivate thriving communities.

Culture is largely shaped by entrepreneurs. That's why they believe the best way to shape culture and fight poverty is to equip, resource, train and empower entrepreneurs in marginalized communities to operate their businesses with a redemptive lens.



Agora envisions a world where business is a catalytic force sparking lasting world change. They train, empower, and support socially conscious entrepreneurs to launch sustainable and profitable businesses in communities in the developing world and the U.S urban core through a comprehensive offering that includes assessment, mentoring, training on Lean Principles, funding, ongoing holistic support.


five two

FiveTwo Network equips Christian entrepreneurs to launch a variety of sustainable start-ups that reach people for Jesus. They provide clarity, camaraderie and know-how so that the startup Jesus has placed in you thrives. They work with church plants and re-plants, non-profits, and “business as mission” for-profits.

Through their assessment, training, and coaching, entrepreneurial men and women of faith realize their dreams of creating faith-based start-ups that lead to more baptized followers of Jesus. Their assessment helps you uncover the Christian start-up that Jesus has placed in you, and their support & training help that start-up become reality.



CanaGlobal’s vision is to activate purpose-driven entrepreneurs into the 7 mountains of societal influence: family, religion, education, government, media, arts/entertainment, and business. CanaGlobal is a faith-based entrepreneurial accelerator offering 8-12 week entrepreneur and coding bootcamps geared towards the bootstrapped startup founder. Their bootcamp focus is on building customer acquisition systems that will generate revenue and profitability in the startup’s earliest days. Unlike any other creative environment, no other opportunity exists for future entrepreneurs to gain access to our plethora of success resources, connecting the dots between business, purpose, success and faith. 


African Business Institute 

African Business Institute (ABI) is a full-package business education, incubation, and investment institute based in Uganda and Malawi. ABI offers an accredited one-year, post-graduate business program as well as investment and mentorship into graduates' businesses. ABI also provides strategic consulting and research to local and international clients expanding into and within East Africa. 


Canada House Manchester (UK)

Sam is a friend of FDE and transforms buildings into creative workspaces in the UK—one co-working space even has a resident pastor!

They’re open to visitors if you’re in Manchester or Leeds. 


Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization Network

Whether Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg, Hong Kong or Singapore, ELO events are excellent opportunities to get connected with Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders. Attendees and speakers come from around the globe. Thousands of people have attended the ELO World Conferences over the years.


Kingdom Entrepreneurship Academy

KEA's mission is to build and equip a community of Christ-centered business leaders who restoratively serve others in a sustainable way.


Resurgo (UK)

Resurgo connects people regardless of background around a shared vision that when we work together, we can make a difference in the world and by connecting our creativity, talents and resources we can move mountains to create a greater society together.  As a registered charity based out of local churches, their work is fully inclusive and open to all, so that together we can create a more inspiring society and a stronger legacy for future generations to enjoy. 



Sinapis empowers entrepreneurs professionally and spiritually using training and a global support network so they can grow to the next level and transform the world around them.

Their passion is small and growing businesses (SGBs) typically with 5 to 250 employees. These companies fuel the economy and account for 67-80% of new job growth. Their success goes far beyond the entrepreneur and brings employment and dignity to their community.


Triga Ventures (Africa)

With the vision of solving some of Africa’s most pressing challenges, Triga offers support to the visionaries themselves—the entrepreneurs on the ground, building redemptive ventures. Their aim is to equip 500 entrepreneurs over the next 20 years to build high-impact, redemptive ventures that will positively impact the lives of an inclusive, broader community in Africa.



TBN believes in the potential of entrepreneurs to lead with integrity, to scale their businesses exponentially and to create jobs and prosperity for all.

Through their global network, they catalyze purpose-driven entrepreneurs, help build impactful businesses, and unlock investments in emerging and frontier markets.



Creo is a faith-based accelerator for mission-driven ventures that create products and services that deliver scalable social impact for the common good. They work at forming the Christlikeness and competency of the entrepreneur and investing in the culture and capacity of the venture. They work to turn ideas into resourced, globally scalable and lasting business solutions to world problems.



Their goal is to see the Body of Messiah in Israel flourish and prosper, fulfilling its mandate to bless Israeli society and the nations through God-honoring professionals. First Fruits hopes to empower the Body of Messiah in Israel economically by equipping people to be fruitful stewards of their gifts and effective influencers in the marketplace, encouraging business formation and growth, and providing an incubation framework for national projects



The Beyond Startup Accelerator at Cedarville University serves to amplify the spirit of entrepreneurship. We are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works. His character of creativity and completeness compels us to innovate and enlarge His kingdom through intrepid enterprising and influencing the culture around us. This experience seeks to create an undulating cycle of professional discipleship between students, alumni, and investors with the objective of funding faith-based student/alumni ventures.

Starting a new business can be difficult. Nine out of 10 startups fail within the first three years. The Beyond Startup Accelerator is designed to expose student and alumni businesses to expertise, capital, and investment opportunities.