top 10 advisory groups for faith driven entrepreneurs

There is something very powerful about getting together in community and encouraging each other in the pursuit of faith, family and vocation. There is also something remarkably special about being able to share your entrepreneurial journey and all that it entails (How do I hire? Where should I get funding? How do I balance this crazy season I'm in with family responsibilities, etc.) with others that are, or have gone through similar things. 

Our hope is that you'll seek out similar groups in your home city. Here’s a list of a few nationwide groups we’d encourage you to check out.

C12 Group

Founded in 1992 by Buck Jacobs in Tampa, Florida, C12 has grown from three local Peer Advisory Groups to the nation’s largest network of Christian CEOs, business owners, and executives.

C12 is a leader in the movement of God in and through the marketplace. Located in major metro areas across the United States, The C12 Group serves businesses with 5 to 5,000+ employees and annual revenues ranging from $1 million to $1 billion+. 



Founded in 1996 by Brian Thatcher and a group of five CEOs and business owners, Convene was created to meet a vital need. God gave Brian and his partners a passion for successful business leaders that were isolated and lacked the tools, support and relationships they needed to build profitable businesses.

At the same time, they helped them integrate their faith with their work to make a great Kingdom impact. Here’s a great video Convene recently we did that outlines the importance for community in the life of an entrepreneur.


Truth AT Work

Truth at Work is one of America’s leading and fastest growing ministries to business leaders. Since 1998, they have developed products, programs, and services to serve thousands of Christian business and marketplace leaders


Fellowship of Companies for Christ International

If you’ve been blessed with a business stewardship, then your business should be about more than just the bottom line. FCCI gives you the tools, training, and life-on-life experience you need to integrate your faith through your business.


Pinnacle Forum

Pinnacle Forum was inspired by Dr. Bill Bright, Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ International, who challenged a handful of leaders in Phoenix, Arizona saying, “I believe the only way we can change our culture is to find a way to network our high influence leaders and inspire them to use their influence for God.”

Their mission is to encourage and equip influential leaders through confidential Forums, supported by a national network, to engage in personal and cultural transformation that honors Jesus Christ.


Faith Tech

FaithTech is a growing movement of Christians interested in all things faith and technology. Their vision is to become a global hub for FaithTech conversations, integrations, and innovations. They now have communities in 3 cities in Canada and two in the States (Chicago and the Bay Area).


4word for women

4word is the only global organization for Christian women in the workplace led by women. 4word leads, connects and supports women in the workplace to help them achieve their God-given potential with confidence. 4word achieves this mission through 4word’s Digital Community, 4word Local Groups and the 4word Mentor Program.


New Canaan Society

We are a group of men who gather together in more than 50 cities to encourage each other in friendship and faith and to support each other to be better husbands, fathers — and better men — in the marketplace and in our communities. Friendship at NCS happens through our regular meetings in local Chapters across the country.

A few times a month, we gather in restaurants or other common ground to be together with other guys and hear a speaker — one of our own or a guest — share a personal story that enlightens, encourages or challenges us.


christian business men’s connection

CBMC's mission is to present Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord to business and professional men and to develop Christian business and professional men to carry out the Great Commission.


Nashville Institute For Faith and Work Entrepreneur Support Group

The Nashville Institute for Faith and Work is dedicated to helping individuals and groups integrate their Christian faith into their day-to-day work in a way that brings about human and organizational flourishing in Nashville and beyond.

We love seeing the Entrepreneur Support Group that they started, which is a confidential time with other CEOs and Pastorally trained executive coach and curriculum focused on Christianity and Entrepreneurism.



Know of other great gatherings in your community that we should add to the list? Send it to our team and we’ll send it to our editorial team to consider adding to the site.

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