The Top 100 Video Stories for Faith Driven Entrepreneurs

There’s nothing like an authentic story. It has the power to inspire and validate what God is doing in a powerful way—practical, inspirational, but not prescriptive. We’ve hunted, gathered, and collected the top video stories. Our hope is that you’ll watch these and realize you're a part of a larger community of entrepreneurs driven by their faith. God is at work around the world. You’re a part of a movement of God’s people. May these videos encourage and inspire you on your journey. 

Each week this summer we’ll be counting down the list until we get to the Top 10 … So check back often to see what stories made the list!

Please note, we’ve also left this list with room to grow. We’ve intentionally left a few of the 100 spaces blank because we want to hear from you. What are some of the other stories you’d like to see us highlight? Share with us here.

creating community in work

Jeff of Chick-Fil-A

#91 Creating Community in Work

Jeff of Chick-fil-A

Jeff loves to be around people and so he chose to work in the restaurant business instead of a desk job. Jeff uses his gift and passion for business and people to glorify God in the three restaurants he owns. He feels called to be a missionary in his own back yard. Jeff traded in a desk job to minister to his customers.


beacon of hope

Dan Meyer of Nehemiah Manufacturing

#92 beacon of hope


Inspired by Nehemiah Manufacturing, a pioneer in creating “second chance” employment for returning citizens leaving incarceration, the Beacon of Hope Business Alliance is expanding job opportunities for those who are harder to hire.


managing the risk of business for the poor

Ted Pantone of Turaco

#93 Managing the Risk of Business for the Poor

Ted Pantone of Turaco

Turaco is an insurance business operating in developing markets, whose mission is to serve the poor. Watch their story to hear what they’re doing to relieve the stress of financial poverty that is passed from generation to generation and how they’re making healthcare affordable and accessible in Africa.


seeing an impact in children’s eyewear

Ben Harrison of Jonas Paul Eyewear

#94 Seeing an Impact in Children's Eyewear

Ben Harrison of Jonas Paul Eyewear

When Ben’s son was born with a rare eye disease, he wanted to make sure that he could get a good pair of glasses to help in any way they could. But what he found in the market was disappointing. Now, Ben has found a way of using his God-given creativity to serve those in the marketplace who want great, stylish glasses for their children.


the pharmaceutical social enterprise

Scott Boyer of OWP Pharmaceuticals

#95 The Pharmaceutical Social Entreprise

Scott Boyer of OWP Pharmaceuticals

Scott Boyer set out to create a sustainable business model that could be profitable while also doing good work. The result was OWP Pharmaceuticals. Watch their story to see the impact their work is having that is far beyond profits.


gaming for greatness

Chris Skaggs of Soma Games

#96 Gaming for Greatness

Chris Skaggs of Soma Games

Soma’s mission has always been to bring high quality games that have spiritual truths to the mainstream market. Watch their story to see how they’re doing that.


becoming friends first

David Beasley, Former Governor of South Carolina

#97 Becoming Friends First

David Beasley - Former Governor of South Carolina

In the worlds of politics and religion, people tend to focus on coming to an agreement or finding a place where they see things the same way. But for David Beasley, he wants to become friends first, regardless of any disagreements. See how his life reflects this mission in his story video.


from counseling to community

Alex Lerza of R Tribe

#98 From Counseling to Community

Alex Lerza of R Tribe

Alex Larza originally started his family counseling program to help teens deal with pornography issues. In that environment, he realized there wasn’t a great digital tool that helps us connect when we’re not away. Watch his story to hear him answer the question, what if the thing that got you hooked can help you heal?


the story of synergy village


#99 the story of synergy village

Synergy Village started when Loren and Adele Funk invited homeless people to participate in a Christmas celebration. After singing carols and handing out gifts though, they found out that there was something more these people needed—homes. Watch this video to find out what happened next in their story…



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