The Top 100 Video Stories for Faith Driven Entrepreneurs

There’s nothing like an authentic story. It has the power to inspire and validate what God is doing in a powerful way—practical, inspirational, but not prescriptive. We’ve hunted, gathered, and collected the top video stories. Our hope is that you’ll watch these and realize you're a part of a larger community of entrepreneurs driven by their faith. God is at work around the world. You’re a part of a movement of God’s people. May these videos encourage and inspire you on your journey. 

Please note, we’ve also left this list with room to grow. We’ve intentionally left a few of the 100 spaces blank because we want to hear from you. What are some of the other stories you’d like to see us highlight? Share with us here.

generosity in work

Brad Williams of Chick-Fil-A

#41 Generosity in Work

Brad Williams of Chick-fil-A

Santiba loves her job at Chick-fil-A because it provides her opportunities to focus on offering her customers an amazing experience. As a single mom, she navigates a challenging daily schedule, but one made much easier through the generosity of her co-workers. Watch her journey to see how her faith carries her day to day.


mechanic for the lord

Alfonso of Auto Body and Repair

#42 Mechanic for the Lord

Alfonso of Auto Body and Repair

With a small investment from his church, Alfonso was able to open his own auto repair garage. He sees his work as a gift from the Lord. See how he uses his personal experiences to connect with everyone who enters into his shop and how his business functions as a ministry to others.


Pruning to Grow

Lara Casey of Cultivate What Matters and Southern Weddings Magazine



C12 Member and founder of Cultivate What Matters, made a bittersweet decision to prune her business by shutting down a fast growing magazine to build a new business with an even greater impact.


bolder as i got balder

Kim Newlen of Sweet Monday

#44 Bolder As I Got Balder: How God Used Breast Cancer to Give Me Courage

Kim Newlen of Sweet Monday

When Kim Newlen got the news that her mammogram was abnormal—and that a lumpectomy followed by radiation followed by a full mastectomy were next on her life plan—the Richmond native and founder of Sweet Monday thought she would "pull the covers of my head and wait until everything was over." This is the story of how the absolute opposite happened—how Newlen's breast cancer led her to make a common-good decision on behalf of others.


the story of canlis

Mark Canlis of Canlis Restaurant

#45 The Story of Canlis

Mark Canlis of Canlis Restaurant

Mark Canlis is the co-owner of Canlis, one of the top 20 restaurants in America as rated by Gourmet Magazine. Watch this video to see how Mark uses his business as an opportunity to embody hospitality and stewardship in the pursuit of fine dining excellence.


business declares the glory of god

Walter Crutchfield, Real Estate Developer

#46 Business Declares the Glory of God

Walter Crutchfield, Real Estate Developer

After attending Bible college, Walter Crutchfield did exactly what he thought he was supposed to do—he become a full-time pastor. But his second conversion—to the goodness of work outside the church—unfolded over years of facing the fact that he was really good at turning profits in the world of business, specifically real estate. Watch his story to see how business and full-time ministry don’t have to be mutually exclusive.


pinkabella cupcakes

Margo Engberg of Pinkabella Cupcakes

#47 Pinkabella Cupcakes

Margo Engberg of Pinkabella Cupcakes

Margo Engberg is the founder of Pinkabella Cupcakes, a gourmet cupcake boutique. Since founding PinkaBella six years ago, Margo has donated over $500,000 and 500,000 cupcakes through her business to support the local community. See how she’s baking good cupcakes and doing good for the people around her.


A suprising turn to india

Tom Sudyk of EC Group

#48 A Surprising Turn to India

Tom Sudyk of EC Group

Thomas Sudyk of EC Group was the Operator of the Year for Lion’s Den, having introduced what a Business As Mission (BAM) company means and can be. His life is an example for every presenter, founder, and entrepreneur who seeks to demonstrate the profession in Christ through their professionalism in the marketplace.


more than packing and printing

Al Caperna of CMC Group

#49 More than Packing and Printing

Al Caperna of CMC Group

Al Caperna, Chairman of CMC Group, does not believe faith in Jesus should be restricted to Sunday. This belief coupled with a management style that helps encourage strong business ethics, innovation, achievement, and selective risk-taking, has helped Al achieve success in starting and developing businesses. From starting his own business in 1980, Al now has 6 businesses with over 300 employees and has been recognized nationally as a business leader.


results matter

Gary Archer of Lets Play Sports

#50 results matter

Gary Archer of Lets Play Sports

Hear how Gary Archer's involvement in a C12 Peer Advisory Group has lead to transformational results in his business, and God's personal calling on his life.



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