The Top 100 Video Stories for Faith Driven Entrepreneurs

There’s nothing like an authentic story. It has the power to inspire and validate what God is doing in a powerful way—practical, inspirational, but not prescriptive. We’ve hunted, gathered, and collected the top video stories. Our hope is that you’ll watch these and realize you're a part of a larger community of entrepreneurs driven by their faith. God is at work around the world. You’re a part of a movement of God’s people. May these videos encourage and inspire you on your journey. 

Please note, we’ve also left this list with room to grow. We’ve intentionally left a few of the 100 spaces blank because we want to hear from you. What are some of the other stories you’d like to see us highlight? Share with us here.

apprenticeship - the value of work

Karl Nugent of Weifield Group Electrical Contracting

#31 Apprenticeship - The Value of Work

Karla Nugent of Weifield Group Electrical Contracting

Weifield Group is committed to making a better working environment for their employees. This desire led them to create an apprenticeship program that helps people learn the trade and process of the electrical business. Watch to see how they’re partnering with charities in the community to use their business to show people that they’re cared for.


made to create great work

Bryan Engram of Brazen Animation

#32 Made to Create Great Work

Bryan Engram of Brazen Animation

In this company profile of Brazen Animation, Founder and CEO Bryan Engram shares the story of how God inspired him to start an animation studio where the one goal is to tell inspirational stories with meaning and purpose. Watch to see how he uses what God has given him—both with his life and with his skills—to create great work.


wear change

Patrick Woodyard of Nisolo

#33 Wear Change

Patrick Woodyard of Nisolo

The idea for Nisolo was born shortly after Co-Founder & CEO, Patrick Woodyard, met remarkably talented shoemakers in Trujillo, Peru. Patrick learned that they shared a common barrier to growth with entrepreneurs that he had met in other parts of the developing world: gaining access to the global market where they could sell their goods. Watch their story to see what he did to helps those he had met with ethically created shoes.


bringing new life to old parts

Michael Cardone of Cardone Industries

#34 Bringing New Life to Old Parts

Michael Cardone of Cardone Industries

Cardone Industries is the largest privately-owned re-manufacturer of auto parts in the country. In this story, Founder Michael Cardone shares how he was called by God into business. Michael, along with his son and daughter, who also hold positions in the company, explain how Christian principles guide their business.


building god’s kingdom

Ron Betenbough of Betenbough Homes

#35 Building God's Kingdom

Ron Betenbough of Betenbough Homes

Betenbough Home Builders builds more than homes. Learn how this major construction firm intentionally invests their lives and profits into their people and into Kingdom work.


building houses for god’s glory

Merle and Dave Stoltzfus of Stoltzfus Enterprises

#36 Building Houses for God’s Glory

Merle and Dave Stoltzfus of Stoltzfus Enterprises

The Stoltfzus brothers have envisioned a different practice for development. They focus their time and energy on the community in which they live, building and managing for the people around them. Watch them talk about their story and the challenge that comes with God’s command to love our neighbor—which can include building your neighbor a house!


our hope is to lift the spirit

Demi and Dave Kiersznowski of Demdaco

#37 Our Hope is to Lift the Spirit

Demi and Dave Kiersznowski of Demdaco

David works at Demdaco, a wholesale gift company whose tagline is "Our hope is to lift the spirit." He believes our jobs aren't just about making money to support the church, but also about doing the work God created us to do.


sweet second chances

Nathan Sheets of Nature Nates

#38 Sweet Second Chances

Nathan Sheets of Nature Nates

Nathan Sheets, CEO of Nature Nate’s Honey, wanted to use his business expertise and resources to impact others for Christ and make a difference in their lives. He helped a group of former drug addicts start Bonton Honey and gave them so much more than just a job. Not only did they learn how to integrate their business with their faith, they also now have the sense of accomplishment and dignity that comes with owning and operating a legitimate business that impacts the community in which they live and work.


changing lives one smile at a time

Kevin Williams of Chick-Fil-A

#39 Changing Lives one Smile at a Time

Kevin Williams of Chick-fil-A

Kevin wanted his restaurant to be the kindest place people can eat. While smiles are a way to serve customers, they have also become a way he serves his employees through a partnership with a local orthodontist. See how this initiative has created an encouraging and life-giving work environment for both Kevin and his employees.


furniture fit for the kingdom

Harrison Higgins of Harrison Higgins Furniture

#40 Furniture Fit For the Kingdom

harrison higgins of Harrison higgins furniture

Harrison Higgins builds furniture made to last literally hundreds of years. In this short film, the Virginia woodworker describes the ideas behind his furniture-making and the beauty revealed when we treat the world around us as more than a resource or even a social cause, but as a sacrament.



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