The Top 100 Video Stories for Faith Driven Entrepreneurs

There’s nothing like an authentic story. It has the power to inspire and validate what God is doing in a powerful way—practical, inspirational, but not prescriptive. We’ve hunted, gathered, and collected the top video stories. Our hope is that you’ll watch these and realize you're a part of a larger community of entrepreneurs driven by their faith. God is at work around the world. You’re a part of a movement of God’s people. May these videos encourage and inspire you on your journey. 

Please note, we’ve also left this list with room to grow. We’ve intentionally left a few spaces blank because we want to hear from you. What are some of the other stories you’d like to see us highlight? Share with us here.

what is your eternal roi?

Chris Patton of Patton Automotive

#11 What is your eternal roi?

Chris Patton of Patton Automotive

At the height of his career, Chris Patton found himself on a journey of spiritual growth that would change the entire dynamic of his company. He realized that his business belonged to God and that his car dealership was a ministry. Watch his story to see how Chris learned that, with an eternal perspective and gospel-centered decisions, his company can influence the world for the sake of Christ.


building boats for the glory of god

The Melloon Family of Correct Craft

#12 Building Boats for the Glory of God

The Melloon Family of Correct Craft the makers of Nautique Boats

Bill Yeargin, President and CEO of Correct Craft, and others describe the rich history and faith culture of Correct Craft. Even before building Nautique boats, the Melloon family has strived to live in such a manner that employees who may never go to church come to Christ. Watch their story to see how they make that mission a reality through multiple faith initiatives.


faith at a $700 billion company

Rod Johnson and John Brandon of Apple

#13 Faith at a $700 Billion Company

Ron Johnson and John Brandon of Apple

How does someone live out faith in a global, iconic company like Apple — especially when reporting to a brilliant but demanding leader like Steve Jobs? Ron Johnson and John Brandon, both recruited to senior level positions by Jobs, share some surprising insights about implementing principles of faith and love at Apple.


jack of all trades

Jackie McLarry of Interstate Batteries

#14 Jack of All Trades

Jackie mclarry of Interstate Batteries

Jackie McLarry worked as the fleet manager of Interstate Batteries for over thirty years. When he received life-altering news, he saw the culture of the company impact his life in a way that he never imagined.


popeyes serves up a turnaround

Cheryl Bachelder of Popeyes Chicken

#15 Popeyes Serves up a Turnaround

Cheryl Bachelder of Popeyes Chicken

When Cheryl Bachelder took the helm at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, sales and profits were declining and shareholders and franchisees were unhappy. Today, sales are up, profits are up, and Popeyes stock has leaped from $13 on Cheryl's first day on the job to consistently over $50 per share today. So what's the secret ingredient to Popeyes turnaround? Find out in this video that looks at how Cheryl's unique strategy of servant leadership proved to be a recipe for success.


there and enough

Sonny Vu and Christy Trang Le of Misfit Wearables

#16 There and Enough

Sonny Vu and Christy Trang Le of Misfit Wearables

Sonny Vu and Christy Trang Le, the husband and wife co-founders of Misfit Wearables, have had their faith tested as entrepreneurs. But relying on their faith, they helped build up a company founded on servant leadership, as well as Vietnam’s emerging R&D talent.


a long obedience

Gary Ginter of Globex and Hull Group

#17 A Long Obedience

Gary Ginter of Globex and Hull Group

How do you define success? That’s the question posed to Gary and Joanna Ginter, and their answer may surprise you. But as you hear their story and what they did to maintain a steady lifestyle even amidst great financial returns, you’ll see what life can look like when we define success on God’s terms.


all in

Scott Friesen of Verdant Frontiers

#18 all in

Scott Friesen of Verdant Frontiers

Scott Friesen, used to view people as a means to a business end. But changes in his life concerning business and his faith in God transformed his barometer of success, and with it the manner in which he operates his businesses. Now a dedication to work as a service to others has led him to opening Verde Beef in Ethiopia—a multi-million dollar company that, more importantly, employs over 400 people in skill-based careers.


leading with love

The Herschend Family of Silver Dollar City

#19 Leading with Love

The Herschend Family of Silver dollar city

When hosting tours to explore underground caves brought more guests than they could handle, the Herschend company expanded their love for family fun into the creation of the Silver Dollar City theme park. In order to maintain family-friendly and wholesome fun for their guests, they develop a loving culture that starts with Jesus as a role model in the workplace. Watch this video to hear the leaders of Herschend Family Entertainment discuss why leading with the love of Christ is their priority.


the top 1%

Pete Leonard of I Have a Bean

#20 The top 1%


I Have a Bean offers a chance at redemption and helps change attitudes about previously imprisoned people returning to society—all while making great coffee. They are dedicated to roasting phenomenal coffee beans, procuring beans at the top 1%, and winning numerous taste competitions. Watch their story to see how Christian principles can impact company values.



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