Top 5 Tools to Start Groups at Your Church

We love the Church. The lasting impact of the Faith Driven Movement rests greatly on the opportunity to unleash the untapped potential of thousands of entrepreneurs that are actively involved each week in their Church. We know that in your faith community you already have relationships that span years, if not decades. You have regular rhythms of gathering. Our hope is that you would make your church a launching pad and commission the entrepreneurs in your faith family. Here’s a few ideas to consider as you look at unleashing your church.

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Connect with Made to FLourish

Led by Tom Nelson, pastor at Christ Community Church their team is committed to serving pastors and local churches. They believe the local church as God designed it is the hope of the world. Their desire is to empower pastors and churches to be more beautiful in their expression and effective in their mission, with a big emphasis on the marketplace. They empower a growing network of pastors and their churches to integrate faith, work and economic wisdom for the flourishing of their communities. If you’re a pastor or leader in your church looking to connect with others on the journey, connect with one of their groups.

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Bring the Work as Worship Retreat at Your Church

Is your church one of the 17,000 churches and using RightNow Media? If so, you can host the one day Work as Worship retreat to your church for free. No buses, long trips and need to take 2-3 days off to attend a conference. They stream in some of most looked to teachers like Francis Chan, Matt Chandler and business leaders like Patrick Lencioni, Steve Green from Hobby Lobby and so many more. Its a great way to take a first step as a church and encourage, empower the entrepreneurs in your community.

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Lead a Group through the FREE Praxis Course

Explore how faith calls us to respond creatively to the world’s most pressing issues through innovation and entrepreneurship. Its a free, 6 session video series on the mindset of a redemptive entrepreneur.


Learn from Other Churches That Integrate Faith and Work

For over a decade, several churches have been walking through the opportunities and challenges of what it looks like to fuse faith and work together. In addition to the work at Made to Flourish a few other that people often point to, Redeemer in New York City, Saddleback in California.

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Start a Video Bible Study at Your Church

Many people don’t know there’s dozens of great video Bible Studies that tackle the issues of Faith, Work and the pressing questions for Faith Driven Entrepreneurs. RightNow Media (The Netflix of Video Studies for the Church) has brought all of them in one place among their library of 20,000 videos. If your church has an account, you have access to these for free and can consider using them in your small group. Here’s a few of our favorites:



Know of other great tools we should add to the list? Send it to our team and we’ll send it to our editorial team to consider adding to the site.

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