top 25 events for faith driven entrepreneurs

Events often times are catalytic experiences on our journey. They propel us into new relationships, new ideas and new ventures. Here’s a few for faith driven investors that we suggest checking out.

#1 ocean conference

OCEAN has a vision to ensure every entrepreneur has access to tools, resources, and community that will holistically equip them to bravely step out and positively impact the world by doing the work they love.

We’re big fans of the work that both Praxis and OCEAN are doing. We nudge this one to the top of the list as it’s open to anyone and the largest event specifically for Faith Driven Entrepreneurs.


#2 Praxis annual event

This year marks the third annual collective gathering at the Praxis Redemptive Imagination Summit. Held at a beautiful estate just outside New York City, Praxis Fellows, alumni, mentors, philanthropists, and investors will come together for vibrant conversation around the intersection of theology, culture, and entrepreneurship. As part of the event, you’ll hear from the Business Accelerator Fellows

We love what Praxis is doing, as we them as the leaders in the faith driven entrepreneurship conversation, so this event is highly recommended. Stay tuned to their website to apply for next years conference.


#3 Work as worship retreat

Is your church one of the 17,000 churches and using RightNow Media? If so, you can host the one day Work as Worship retreat to your church for free. No buses, long trips, and need to take 2-3 days off to attend a conference. They stream in some of most looked to teachers like Francis Chan, Matt Chandler and business leaders like Patrick Lencioni, Steve Green from Hobby Lobby and so many more. It’s a great way to take a first step as a church and encourage, empower the entrepreneurs in your community.

Next year’s event will include Dr. Henry Cloud and John Acuff. This is a great resource for churches and business leaders alike.


#4 c12 Annual Conference

The C12 Group is the largest network of Christian CEOs and executives working together to increase company performance and integrate faith and business.

They become the trusted authority on incorporating business best practices with the foundation of Biblical principles and core values. Business leaders from multiple industries meet monthly for a time of mutual sharpening, high-impact learning, and growth as stewards and Ambassadors for Christ in the marketplace.


#5 Lion’s Den Gatherings

The Lion’s Den is a gathering of real investors and real businesses seeking real impact. They host two annual events: one at Samford University and one at Dallas Baptist University.

At these events, they connect companies with investors through a Christian business pitch competition where business leaders can use their wealth and experience to change the world and make an impact. 


#6 FCCi and Convene Leadership Co-Labs

We love seeing ministries coming together. And we know that real learning happens in community. It’s not a flash in the pan, sage on a stage, hurry up sport. It happens over time, where you can think. At International Summit, there are four days for you and your team to learn and process what you’ve learned with like-minded Christian leaders.

This is a conference designed for young and seasoned leaders with keynote and TED style talks on leadership subjects you want to know about.


#7 Truth@work conference

This annual conference cultivates, encourages, and inspires leaders and those who desire to serve the Lord in the marketplace. If you want your work to have eternal significance, even if it means going against cultural norms, come, network with likeminded leaders, and learn from national experts on how to live out your faith so you can impact the marketplace for Christ.

If you can’t make it to the event live, check out their simulcast and join thousands of other Christians in business for a powerful one-day event designed to equip and inspire you.


#8 elo events

The ELO Forums are focused on equipping Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders to have a greater impact in the marketplace. The ELO Forums are for Christian leaders—from teachers to managers to entrepreneurs—who want to apply their faith at work.

They have events in Winnipeg, Singapore, Vancouver, and Toronto. Click below to find a time and location that works for you.


#9 work matters

Many Christians feel alone, confused, or even discouraged in today’s workplace. This event intends to gather a community of career-minded Christians that you can connect with both professionally and spiritually who understand your needs and challenges at work.

You can learn from an incredible and diverse lineup of faith-driven speakers who have years of experience in the marketplace and have dealt with issues much like the ones faith driven entrepreneurs deal with day in and day out. You will be equipped to know how to impact today’s workplace with your faith.


#10 Entreleadership events

Entreleadership has multiple events that will fit exactly what you’re looking for. They host business owners and leaders who make ownership decisions at their company, as well as senior/mid-level leaders and leaders looking to grow.

Click learn more to find out if the Master Series or Summit is right for you.


#11 leadercast

The speakers who will take the stage are change makers. They are trailblazers. They are people who face big ideas head on and take their teams to new heights.

Learn from leadership experts on how to purposefully interrupt organizational functions to bring new energy, ideas, processes and success to your team. While this event is primarily focused on leadership, faith driven entrepreneurs will feel right at home among like-minded believers and business leaders.


#12 business as mission conference

The Business as Mission Conference is a comprehensive global gathering of business people, mission agencies, churches, academia, and students who thrive on the convergence of business and missions.

At this event, you’ll learn what God is doing in business & missions, and where you fit.


#13 b4t expo

B4T (Business for Transformation) refers to businesses strategically placed in unreached areas which are profitable and serving the local community; generally through transformation, and specifically through evangelism, discipleship and church planting.

Their annual event is a great place to connect with the largest BAM/B4T network in the world. They work with denominations, churches and individuals to increase the impact of overseas businesses in bringing Jesus’ transforming power to the least reached.


#14 4word for women

4word leads, connects, and supports women in the workplace to help them achieve their God-given potential with confidence. 4word achieves this mission through 4word’s Digital Community, 4word Local Groups and the 4word Mentor Program.

Click below to find out more about them and their annual event featuring Laura Bush.


#15 tbn network impact investment summit

Through their global network, the Transformational Business Network catalyzes purpose-driven entrepreneurs to help build impactful businesses and unlock investments in emerging and frontier markets.

Their annual event is a premier opportunity to meet other Faith Driven Entrepreneurs and to find out what God is doing in the global community of believes.


#16 kingdom advisors

Roll up your sleeves and learn best practices for opening up heart level conversations with your clients to help you confidently deliver competent biblical financial wisdom. Their breakout line-up offers fresh content and speakers covering a wide range of topics selected just for you. 

Kingdom Advisors is consistently one of the leading voices in the Faith Driven Entrepreneurship world. Their event is a great place to gather and be inspired by other leaders and speakers.


#17 Believers in business conference

The Believers in Business (BiB) Conference, founded in 2005, is the largest student-run national conference that equips and encourages Christian MBA students and professionals to live out their lives and careers for the glory of God. It provides a forum for honest discussion on opportunities, challenges, and strategies for following Christ in the marketplace in ways that help them grow in their relationship with the Lord and impact others.


#18 Acton university

Acton University is not your typical conference. It’s a four-day celebration with 1,000 of your newest liberty loving friends from all over the world. Each day is packed with thought-provoking presentations on the intellectual foundations of a free society. Sharpen your intellect. Expand your worldview. Explore theology, philosophy, business, development, and market-based economics at the most unique conference in the liberty movement.


#19 Common Good by MADE TO FLOURISH

How can the church more effectively equip women and men for their scattered mission in the workplace? In what ways can churches expand opportunity and promote economic well-being in their city?

We love the work that Tom Nelson and the Made to Flourish Team is doing. This year they’ve made the Common Good Conference accessible through a nationwide simulcast in order to empower a growing number of pastors and their churches to integrate faith, work, and economic wisdom for the flourishing of their communities.


#20 partners worldwide

When it comes to ending poverty, we mean business.

Join a passionate group of businesspeople, change agents, and dynamic speakers for this two-day event that affirms and celebrates business as a calling to do God’s work.


#21 cbmc gatherings

CBMC exists to present Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord to business and professional men and to develop Christian business and professional men to carry out The Great Commission.

Find out more about the events they host throughout the year in different locations by clicking on the button below.


#22 kingdom at work events

Most Kingdom leaders start a business with strong vision, big dreams and the best of intentions. Then life happens.

Many of us desire to see God’s Kingdom advance but are unsure of how to actually do that in the marketplace, or we feel alone on that journey. Kingdom at Work is designed to inspire, equip, and ignite you with a plan going forward.

These workshops are for senior-level leaders and their executive teams. In a round-table format your team will work alongside a coach as you define your purpose, strengthen your leadership style, and create a company culture.


#23 faith and work summit

We live in a city that’s driven by ambition and desperate for rest. But the gospel responds with a critical question: to what end? The gospel uniquely gives us a radical new vision that our work is for the glory of God: the issue is not that we expect too much from our work, but that we have come to expect too little.

When we see that work is created to glorify God, our work doesn't necessarily get easier, but it does become more meaningful. The pain in our work is faced with greater honesty, where the brokenness can finally be named and seen. The unseen potential of our work is faced with greater imagination, where an innovative spirit can unleash what yearns to be resurrected. In short, when we discover that we're formed to work for God's glory, we find that our small tasks aren't so small, and our big tasks are in better hands. Work becomes desirable. Rest becomes possible. Faith becomes essential.


#24 urbana business track

Does God care about your job?

Absolutely! Come join the Business Track to explore how God might use you in his global mission through your work and business. Connect with others interested in making the workplace sacred, study the Word, and meet with mentors to learn how God uses business to advance his purposes and to figure out your next steps.


#25 NCS Regional events

We are a group of men who gather together to encourage each other in friendship and faith and to support each other to be better husbands, fathers — and better men — in the marketplace and in our communities. Friendship at NCS happens through our regular meetings in local Chapters across the country.

A few times a month, we gather in restaurants or other common ground to be together with other guys and hear a speaker — one of our own or a guest — share a personal story that enlightens, encourages or challenges us.


#26 the global leadership summit

Everyone has influence. No matter where your influence is — in your family, school, work or church — you are invited to join 405,000 of your peers to learn how to maximize it. At the Global Leadership Summit led by Craig Groeschel, you’ll get a unique blend of vision, inspiration and skills you can immediately apply and you’ll learn from a faculty representing multiple sectors and backgrounds

This event provides the opportunity to leverage the Summit as a resource to transform yourself and community, as well as network with influencers in your community who are committed to living out God’s purposes in our world. They host events in many locations around the country and online.