10 Most Popular Podcasts

We’re admittedly biased and think all the shows are packed with powerful truths to encourage you on your journey. But here’s a few of our most popular episodes. If you’re new to the show, this is a great place to start.


#1 Phil vischer - have you ever had a dream?

Phil Vischer tells us the story of Veggie Tales meteoric rise to success, the struggles and pitfalls of maintaining that success and truth about what is required to find and keep one’s identity rooted in the one who created us. This episode calls us to ask that all important question: as we’ve accepted Jesus as Savior have we also accepted Him as Lord? Listen to the podcast here.

#2 Andy crouch - a rule of life for redemptive entrepreneurs

On this episode, the team spends time with Andy Crouch, partner for theology and culture at Praxis. Andy shares with us the basis of the 6 key disciplines needed to define a redemptive entrepreneur—time, money, imagination, decision-making, power, and community—and how these are instrumental in our identity information. Listen to the podcast here.

#3 Tim Keller - Who do you think you are?

"In traditional identity formation ... you are your duties. In modern identity you are your ... desires." While its different from our typical format, Tim Keller gave an exclusive talk at our annual meeting challenging us with how we evaluate who we think we are and how that measures with who God says we are...Listen to the podcast here

#4 Bobby gruenewald - the entrepreneurial story that led to 370 million people reading the bible

Bobby Gruenewald of YouVersion joins us to give the low down on the origins of this wildly popular bible app with 370M+ downloads and counting. This pastor, entrepreneur and former rap artist (who knew?) shares team how the team’s approach to failure, commitment to being faithful to God’s leading step by step, and the desire to be the best stewards of all God gives them are all elements contributing to YouVersion’s success. Listen to the podcast here.

#5 alan barnhart - god owns it all

This podcast includes the story Alan Barnhart and how he and his brother, Eric, grew their company into one of the largest Heavy Lift and Heavy Transport organization in the United States. They accomplished this by actively seeking out a way to express their faith through their business and by maintaining a stewardship vs. Find out what it’s like to be an intentional investor in the Kingdom of God. Listen to the podcast here.

#6 Nancy Duarte - How to Tell Your Story

There are few better people who do a better job at helping people tell their stories than Nancy Duarte from Duarte Design. She helps CEOs of Fortune 100 companies tell their stories, and maybe something more impressive: they are the “go-to” firm to help TED presenters tell their stories well. Check out the importance of effective story-telling. Listen to the podcast here.

#7 steve green - entrepreneurial journey of the museum of the bible

Steve Green shares how his exciting journey as CEO of Hobby Lobby led to the creation of the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. Here, he shares about the ways God’s hand is affecting the people experiencing the power of God’s Word through the museum and beyond. Listen to the podcast here.

#8 bryant ambelang - unleashing the power of people and increasing productivity 300%

Hear Bryant Ambelang, President and CEO of NatureSweet, the largest greenhouse producer of tomatoes in North America, share about the incredible things God’s doing to unleash people through his business. Bryant explains the power of connecting people’s purpose and passions to their work and tells stories of how God uses that type of energy for His glory. Listen to the podcast here.

#9 chip ingram - pastoring in silicon valley

In Part One with Chip Ingram, CEO of Living on the Edge, Chip walks through his experience pastoring many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Hear how he created a safe and respectful place for these leaders to share what was really going on in their lives and the wisdom Chip has learned from encountering stories of loneliness at the top of every industry. Listen to the podcast here.

#10 how an interview with hulk hogan on their wedding day started a $40 million business - jeff and ally davidson

When Ally Davidson woke up on the morning of her wedding day, she had no idea the journey that God had prepared for her, nor did she anticipate it would start with a tryout for the television show American Gladiator that very same day. Fast forward a few years and Camp Gladiator has over 3500 locations across the country with over 100,000 members. Tune in to hear the story of Jeff and Ally Davidson—how interacting with Hulk Hogan jump started their business, how they’ve seen community and exercise drastically affect people’s lives, and how their faith impacts everything they do. Listen to the podcast here.