top 3 ideas to inspire students

Entrepreneurship is learned. If you’re involved with students of any age, we want to help equip you with ways you can encourage and inspire those in your charge with ideas of entrepreneurship that is driven by their faith. Here are some ideas to ignite your students’ entrepreneurial passions.

the praxis academy

Praxis’s Academy is a next generation entrepreneurial community pursuing redemptive action through business and non-profits. Their academy is the on ramp for students into the global community of creatives and entrepreneurs.

Jon Hart, director of the academy was on the FDE podcast to share about this incredible experience (listen here).


ACTON CHILDREN’s business fair

Children's Business Fairs give kids the opportunity to be entrepreneurs—boosting their confidence, teaching valuable lessons, and giving them an experience they will never forget.

At Acton’s website you’ll find a list of idea that would be great for inspiring, encouraging, and igniting your students’ passion for entrepreneurship.


lemonade day

Every Drop Counts! Lemonade Day is a fun, experiential program that teaches youth how to start, own and operate their very own business—a lemonade stand.

Each year, in participating cities, youth have the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship by setting up their business during their city's community-wide Lemonade Day. Check out their website to find a location near you.