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october 2019 - FDE Newsletter

"When God sees us, He moves in toward human brokenness. He doesn't remove Himself from it."

Jay Stringer shared this quote on our most recent podcast, and we thought that succinctly summed up what we've been talking about for the past few weeks. Faith Driven Entrepreneurs are under attack. Statistics show we're 2-3 times more likely to struggle with depression, sexual brokenness, and image management. Over the past few weeks, we've set out to try and change that.


Special Edition - Introducing the Faith Driven Investor

Over the past year, we've seen the importance of content and community. We've also seen the incredible power when like-minded investors and entrepreneurs come together.
Christ-followers are responsible for stewarding well north of $1 trillion of investment capital. For many believers, there's a disconnect between their faith and their investing. Too often we don't bring the same "one pocket" approach to our investing that we do with the rest of our lives. But we're seeing growing activity that gives us hope! God has positioned many leaders in roles where they can influence the market. Over the summer we did a 5-Part Podcast Series introducing the Faith Driven Investor website and its new podcast.


September 2019 - FDE NEWSLETTER

When you hear the words "car dealership" a lot of things come to mind. We're guessing innovation isn't at the top of your list. Don Flow changed that. Don is the visionary business leader of Flow Automotive, which has over 30 dealerships and 1,500 employees. He’s been widely recognized in the Faith Driven Entrepreneur community as an someone who thinks deeply about the redemptive opportunities for every part of the business.
We also featured how Sanyin Sian of the Coach K Center on Leadership and how “One Million Followers on LinkedIn Wasn’t in Her Obituary and other great podcasts from Mark McLain at SailPoint and Ben and Liz Bohannon at Sseko Designs


AUGUST - Special Edition. The Top 100 Video Stories of Faith Driven Entrepreneurs.

There’s nothing like an authentic story. It has the power to inspire and validate what God is doing in a powerful way—practical, inspirational, but not prescriptive. We’ve hunted, gathered, and collected the top video stories. If you haven't been following the countdown, don't worry—now's your chance to binge The Top 100 Video Stories for Faith Driven Entrepreneurs. Our hope is that these videos remind you that you're a part of a larger community of entrepreneurs driven by their faith spanning industries from manufacturing, aviation, fast food, banking, sporting goods and everything in between. Whether you always feel it or not, you’re a part of a growing movement of God’s people. Get comfortable. Grab some popcorn. Enjoy the stories.

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july 2019 - FDE Newsletter

This month featured a lot of excellent podcast episode. You can listen to Jeff Haanen talk about a theology of work for the working class, hear Lake Lambert give a history lesson on corporate values, or simply sit down and enjoy a relaxed conversation with our three hosts.

But our feature episode belongs to Tom Nelson of Made to Flourish. He shared a replicable model for how churches can stop counting attendees on Sunday mornings and start preparing their congregation for the Monday work week. We also featured videos, articles, and resources for continued learning—all to encourage you in your entrepreneurial journey! Check out the entire newsletter here and see what you missed from the month of July.


June 2019 - FDE Newsletter

During June, we talked to Drayton McLane, Scott Weiss, and Matt Bird on our podcast. But our top episode went to Jeff and Ally Davidson of Camp Gladiator. In their interview, they shared about how their fitness business started with an impromptu audition for the teality TV show American Gladiator on the morning of their wedding. They also discussed what it looks like to lead a business on Christian principles and how physical health plays a role in our overall well-being. In addition to this podcast, we have articles that cover topics like Jesus’ career, what it looks like to live with the end in mind (from Doug McMillon, President and CEO of Walmart), and the parable of the talents. All of these resources are here to help you, the faith driven entrepreneur, and we hope they provide some sustenance along the journey. Check out the entire newsletter here and what resources the month of June stored up for you.

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may 2019 - have you ever had a dream? Phil vischer, creator of veggietales

On one of our most-listened to podcast episodes yet, Phil Vischer tells us the story of VeggieTales meteoric rise to success, the struggles and pitfalls of maintaining that success and truth about what is required to find and keep one’s identity rooted in the one who created us. While his story is not unusual, the wisdom and lessons learned via the journey are exceptional and is deserving of a close listen on what it means to belong to Jesus – not simply as your Savior but as your Lord. Salvation was never really the goal just the tool that is to lead us all towards a relationship with God rooted in His lordship and the restoration of what was lost in the Fall. Check out the rest of the newsletter, including a podcast episode with Steve Green and other great posts.

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APRIL 2019 - The Entreprenerial Story that led to 370 Million reading the Bible - Bobby Gruenewald

This week we connected with Bobby Gruenewald, who with his team built what most of us know as “the Bible app” we carry on our phones. Today, YouVersion has been downloaded more than 370 million times and into 1300 languages since it launched 10 years ago. It started with an original idea that failed, but the team’s approach to failure, commitment to being faithful to God’s leading step by step and the desire to be the best stewards of all God gives them, led to the creation of what we all know and love: YouVersion … Check out the newsletter, including another great episode from Alan Barnhart on the idea that God Owns our Business.

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March 2019 - Andy Crouch - A Rule of Life for Redemptive Entrepreneurs

In our recent survey, the guest you wanted to hear from most was Andy Crouch, who is the partner for theology and culture at Praxis, an organization that works as a creative engine for redemptive entrepreneurship. He’s also an accomplished writer, having authored several books as well as articles published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. Its an episode you can’t miss. Check out the newsletter, including the video story of Nautique, Building Boats for the Glory of God.

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March 2019 - Shape the Future of the Faith Driven Entrepreneur

We are very grateful for the opportunity to serve the larger Faith Driven Entrepreneur community.  We get great joy from interacting with many of you and it has been very rewarding to see people come in to the site and the podcast from more than 100 countries …

Check out the newsletter that gives you a chance to shape the future of the Faith Driven Entrepreneur.

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February 2019 - Who do you think you are? Tim Keller on the Identity of the Entrepreneur

"In traditional identity formation ... you are your duties. In modern identity you are your ... desires." We thought this would be one of the best ways to start this year's newsletters, highlighting an exclusive talk Tim gave at our annual meeting, evaluating who we think we are and how that measures with who God says we are and how culture imposes its will. Check out the newsletter, including our podcasts with Peter Greer from Hope International and our featured video of the month, When a Startup becomes a Monastery.