Beacon of Hope

Dan Meyer of Nehemiah Manufacturing

Inspired by Nehemiah Manufacturing, a pioneer in creating “second chance” employment for returning citizens leaving incarceration, the Beacon of Hope Business Alliance is expanding job opportunities for those who are harder to hire. Over time, its mission is to expose 2,500 new jobs each year to the Fair Chance population in Hamilton County, Ohio, by creating awareness, providing a proven employment process, and cultivating an ecosystem of social support. On the web at, Beacon of Hope is generating employment opportunities at a dramatically larger scale than any single company ever could.

This is a story of second chances. To learn more about how your company can change lives and invest in people like this, please visit


In Partnership with NEMEMIAH Manufacturing co

Many employees who come to Nehemiah Manufacturing just need a chance to prove themselves. They may show up with a spotty work history – or no work history – or a record blemished in some way. These hard-to-hire candidates are invisible to most companies. But not to us. Because we know giving people a chance is the right thing to do.