5 Marks of a Faith Driven Entrepreneur

What is a Faith Driven Entrepreneur? It can mean different things to different people, and what follows is not meant to be a definitive list. And yet, in our experience we have found 5 common attributes, or as we call them here, marks:


identity in christ

Faith Driven Entrepreneurs have lives that have been transformed by the Gospel, that have accepted the gift of salvation, and now seek to bring God glory as their greatest and highest purpose.

We understand that our identity is as His beloved children with full inheritance rights through the righteousness given to us through His Son. We let this reality sink in, and are fueled by gratitude for it in such a way that we thing bring all that we are with joy to the altar as our meaningful form of worship.

Faith Driven Entrepreneurs are followers of Christ first, who continue to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, and yet with confidence. We are leaders that are committed to seeking God through regular time with His Scriptures, in prayer, and with others. We are leaders that are members of a local Church community.

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Stewardship vs. Ownership

Faith Driven Entrepreneurs see ourselves as stewards of God’s resources. We understand that He has entrusted these resources to us to steward effectively according to His purposes rather than our own. We understand that financial success provides us an opportunity to financially partner with ministries, and yet we also realize that a God who took five loaves and 2 fish and fed 5,000 doesn’t need our money lest we boast, have inordinate pride, or feel an undue anxiety that He needs us and our success. We do celebrate that He does provide us great opportunities to participate in the work He is doing for His (not our) glory.

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Business Excellence: Looking to compete and win for the glory of God

We believe that we were created in the image of God…..a God who worked 6 days and whose work was “good”. We also know that His work continues to this day. This understanding as God’s image bearer, together with the gratitude that comes from the gift of life, now and forever, provides us with a nuclear energy source that allows us to strive for, and achieve excellence.

We understand that it is the degree that we do our work well that we have an opportunity to witness and be heard (Francis Schaeffer paraphrase)

We pursue a plan for excellence in business that includes aspects from planning, professional development, cultural formation, goal setting, execution and assessment.

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Ministry in Deed: Embracing the marketplace as our ministry

Faith Driven Entrepreneurs believe that God has placed us in the marketplace to be salt and light through our actions. We look to love on our employees and the broader communities in which we do business in a way that is exemplary and distinctive.

We are entrepreneurs that acknowledge that we need to be active members of our local community as leaders and encourage our employees to do the same. We 1) provide our employees with an opportunity to do meaningful work 2) pay them well and, 3) encourage them to love their families and communities well.

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Ministry in Word: Seeking to Share OUR WHY

We are entrepreneurs that realize that we have an outstanding opportunity to share the reason for the hope that we have. We understand that sharing “why” we do what we do is effective leadership when done with gentleness and respect. We believe that praying for opportunities to share our faith and employing initiatives like chaplaincy and praying with and for our partners, vendors, customers and employees in times of crisis can be a winsome witness when done with gentleness and respect. We are leaders that look for ways to develop and disciple believers in their discipleship walk and partner with local churches to strengthen the ministry taking place through the business.

Scripture References and Application